Our Services

Concierge services

Our goal is to make your life more convenient. The Concierge Service Pack helps the simple things go into motion, our services include.

  • Sitting on hold to help schedule appointments with technicians
  • Dining recommendations and reservations
  • Monthly Property checkups/inspections (For the winter visitors)
  • Scheduled Reminders
  • Travel Bookings and Transit

Cleaning Services

Our average interior cleaning rate is $140 for a (2Br/2Ba) plus $20 for every extra bedroom. However for our monthly members they pay $125 for a (2Br/2Ba) plus $10 for every extra bedroom. All the extra cleanings for members get to keep the discount as well! Also get $15 off our $130 power washing service. The cleaning service package includes

  • (2Br/2Ba) $125 interior cleaning + $10 every extra bedroom
  • Power washing $115+

Delivery Services

The final touch to bettering someones life resides in the convenience of not needing to run to the store every time a purchase, big or small comes up! The delivery services package includes unlimited of all these delivery services, all you cover is the cost!

  • Dry cleaning pickup and drop off
  • Groceries (We’ll also walk it in)
  • General Store purchases
  • Dining

The Ultimate concierge package

The Ultimate concierge package is the best version of all HouseMagic memberships.

For a flat $300 monthly fee, get every service we just offered above.